6 Easy Steps to Review your Financial Year

As the year draws to a close, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on our financial journeys. It’s undeniable that this year has been diverse for each of us. Some may label it as their best year, while others might describe it as quiet, with progress not immediately apparent. However, regardless of the visible outcomes, if you’ve sown the seeds of financial efforts, rest assured that germination is underway and the harvest will manifest in due time.

A valuable lesson I’ve gleaned is the importance of not comparing my financial journey. Recognizing that I may be in a different season of life is paramount. Understanding the specific “money season” one is in helps prevent being overwhelmed by emotions, be they feelings of abundance or lack. Each individual’s financial path is unique, and acknowledging and embracing one’s journey is key to navigating the complexities of personal finance with resilience and wisdom.

Here are 6 easy steps we are using to review our journeys, and we hope they can help you not only gain a clearer understanding of your financial standing but also empower yourself to make informed decisions for the upcoming year.

  1. Calculate the Total Income: Start by compiling a comprehensive list of all your income sources throughout the year. Include your salary, bonuses, dividends, freelance earnings, or any other sources of income. This step provides a clear overview of your overall financial inflow.
  2. Account for the Monthly Expenses: Thoroughly examine your monthly expenditures. Categorize your expenses into fixed and variable costs, such as rent or mortgage payments, utilities, groceries, entertainment, and other discretionary spending. This detailed breakdown allows you to identify spending patterns and areas where adjustments or savings can be made.
  3. Evaluate Goal Achievement: Reflect on the financial goals you set at the beginning of the year. Assess the progress you’ve made toward achieving these objectives. Take note of both short-term and long-term goals, whether they are related to savings, investments, debt reduction, or other financial milestones. Analyze what worked well and where adjustments might be needed.
  4. Evaluate Accumulated Debt: Examine your accumulated debt over the year. Take stock of all outstanding loans, credit card balances, or any other liabilities. Determine how much you’ve paid towards reducing your debt and compare it to the initial amounts. Additionally, assess the interest rates on your debts and formulate a plan for timely repayment.
  5. Review Debt Repayment Duration: Evaluate the duration it will take to pay off your existing debts. Check if you’re on track with your repayment plan and whether any adjustments are needed. Understanding the timeline for debt elimination helps you manage your financial obligations more effectively.
  6. Assess Savings and Investment Accounts: Review the status of your savings and investment accounts. Calculate the returns on your investments, assess the performance of various assets, and ensure that your portfolio aligns with your financial goals. Consider rebalancing your portfolio if needed and exploring opportunities for further growth or risk mitigation.

Remember, financial success is a journey, not a race. By following these six simple steps, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your financial standing and empower yourself to make informed decisions for the upcoming year. Embrace your unique financial path, and with resilience and wisdom, navigate the complexities of personal finance.

Wishing you abundance and prosperity in 2024!


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