A Review of the Ndovu Investment Platform

I recently began utilizing the ndovu platform for managing my offshore investments. In addition to merely distributing investment products, our approach involves actively testing and understanding them firsthand. This enables us to provide impartial opinions and advice on these products. Furthermore, we assess the risk level of each product and align it with your individual profiles and goals.

Established in 2021, ndovu (https://ndovu.co/) is a regulated robo-advisory platform owned by Ndovu Wealth Limited. The platform is specifically designed to enhance accessibility, security, and affordability when making investments in both local and global financial markets. Ndovu is committed to delivering expert financial advice that is tailored to the unique needs and objectives of its clients.

Ndovu holds licenses from the Capital Markets Authority (Kenya) as a Fund Manager and is subject to regulation by the Institute of Certified Investment & Financial Analysts (ICIFA), the Communications Authority, and the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE). The platform facilitates access to global financial markets by offering a selection of vetted exchange-traded funds (ETFs) alongside local market options.

Features of the Platform

  • Effortless Entry to Local Government Bonds: Access local government Infrastructure Bonds (IFB) seamlessly, bypassing the complexities associated with opening a Central Depository System (CDS) account. A minimal investment of KES 50,000 is all that’s required.
  • Diverse ETF Choices: You get to explore a varied selection of over 10 Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), including specialized options such as a Sharia-compliant Fund and a Gold ETF. The entry threshold for these opportunities is a modest KES 7,500. The funds are dollar-denominated, and ndovu uses competitive rates for the exchange with the banks’ benchmark. A nominal convenience fee of KES 60 is applicable and deducted from the invested amount.
  • Adaptable Minimum Holding Period: There is no holding period or fixed minimum tenor for investing. While the platform allows users to tailor their investment durations according to their financial goals, a recommended holding period of 1 year is suggested to fully experience the fund’s growth potential.
  • Convenient Investment Access: With a 3-working-day notice period, you can access your investment. You can also top up your existing portfolio or explore new funds with the minimum investable amount, enhancing the accessibility of your investment journey.

Benefits of the Platform

  1. Global Market Access with Minimal Investment: Gain entry to global markets with unprecedented ease, requiring only minimal investment amounts. This feature opens up opportunities for investors to participate in a diverse array of international assets, enabling a broader investment portfolio.
  2. Facilitates Investment Diversification: The platform provides access to a range of investment options, both locally and globally. This enables investment diversification in various asset classes and markets, which helps mitigate risk and enhance potential returns. In addition, the platform empowers investors to build well-balanced and resilient portfolios.
  3. Tailored Risk Management for Personalized Strategies: The platform caters to a wide spectrum of risk preferences, fostering not only diversification but also the effective distribution of risk among different investment avenues. This approach ensures alignment with individual risk tolerance levels and specific preferences, offering a personalized and fine-tuned investment experience.
  4. Convenience of Online Account Management: As an online platform, the ease of opening and managing your account is unparalleled. The entire process can be seamlessly conducted from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop. This user-friendly accessibility not only saves time but also ensures that investors have convenient control over their financial activities, promoting a hassle-free and efficient experience in managing their investments.

How can you Invest with ndovu?

We would love to guide your investment journey, but here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Download the ndovu mobile app, available as ndovu inc., both on Android and IOS, or use the web app, https://portal.ndovu.co/plans
  2. Use our referral link, , and enjoy free financial planning and customized investment portfolio plans with a dedicated advisor for a year.


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