Munene Ngari

Head, Business Strategy

Munene Ngari is a Communications, Strategy, and Partnerships professional with a warm and friendly demeanor. He excels in conflict resolution, solution-focused approaches, and team building, demonstrating acute attentiveness to stakeholder needs. As an integral part of various management teams, he plays a key role in providing effective solutions that yield sustainable impact and contribute to long-term success.

With over 13 years of experience, this avid multitasker comes with a strong foundation for creating working synergies and harmonious ecosystems, ensuring the success of projects, programs, and product development.

His background in mass communication equips him to maintain a broad outlook on communication angles and perception attitudes. He has worked in capacities such as marketing communications, strategy development, projects communications coordinator, program manager, and regularly consults with UNEP, Bridge4Billions, and FAO on matters related to sustainable finance and program management in the areas of climate change communication.

Munene is deeply passionate about businesses that strive to make profits while creating tangible positive socio-economic impacts in the communities they thrive in. His mantra is “creating actual sustainable solutions while fostering communal wealth.” He seeks a fair and just society that recognizes the myriad ways communities can collaborate to make the world a more wonderful place. He volunteers his time and energy in UN-related youth trainings and empowers younger males to better integrate with empowered young women, thus contributing to changing social and corporate dynamics.

He is an active listener and a proficient business communications analyst, consistently creating integrative plans that draw insights from the past and orient the organization toward the future.

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