Do I need a million shillings to start my investment journey?

Do I need a million shillings to start my investment journey?

NO. You do not need a million shillings to begin your investment journey. You can start your investment journey with a million shillings, but you can also start your investment journey with as little as Kshs. 100 and grow to a million.

The trick is to start where you are, with what you have.

Different investment platforms warrant different initial buy-ins and the strategy lies in identifying the option that works for you, by contacting an expert financial advisor.

With an investment option such as a money market fund, and a detailed investment plan outlining how you will save money and deposit it into your investment portfolio, you can be well on your way to begin your investment journey.

Let’s say you have a plan of saving Kshs. 100 per day. Over a 30-day month, this amounts to Kshs. 3,000. If you invested the Kshs. 3,000 every month, in a Money Market Fund with yields of approximately 10% (compounding) every year, you would have Kshs 37,700 at the end of the 1st year. If you are consistent for a period of 30 years, then you would have a beautiful take-home of Kshs. 2.3 million.

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