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About Standard Investment Bank

Standard Investment Bank unit trust scheme offers one fund you can now access from KES 250,000 only.

1. Mansa-X

This is a Multi-Asset Strategy Fund designed for investors seeking capital growth and appreciate long/short trading strategies, with access to global markets.

The fund features:

  • 0% Initial Fee.
  • 0% Redemption Fee.
  • Minimum Initial Investment: KES 250,000 ($2,500).
  • Minimum Top-up: KES 100,000 ($1,000).
  • Liquidity: You can access capital or returns within 48-72 hours.
  • 5% Annual Management Fee – prorated daily over 365 days.
  • 10% Performance Fee – applied on the surplus when a return above the 25% hurdle rate is attained on KES Fund.
  • Initial 6 Month Lock-In-Period.
  • Mansa-X exists in both KES & USD options for both local investors and investors in the diaspora.
  • The fund focuses on NSE Equities, Cash & Cash Equivalents, NSE derivatives fixed income, and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) while globally, the investment fund invests in single stocks, stock indices, currencies, commodities, fixed income, derivatives, and precious metals.

For more information about Mansa-X, read here: How Risky is Mansa-X? Here’s What You Need to Know – Vasili Africa 

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