Invest with Treasury Bills and Bonds

What are Treasury Bills and Bonds?

Treasury bills and bonds are short-term and long-term debt instruments issued by the Government of Kenya to raise money for public spending. They offer regular interest income to investors till maturity.

Features of Treasury Bills and Bonds in Kenya

  • Issued by Central Bank of Kenya (CBK)
  • Short-term T-bills vs long-term T-bonds
  • Backed by full faith of Government of Kenya (GoK)
  • Traded on NSE and over the counter
  • T-bills – 91, 182, 364 days
  • T-bonds – 2-20 years
  • Fixed coupon paid every 6 months

Benefits of Investing in Treasury Bills and Bonds

Assured regular interest income

Low-credit risk instruments

Easy liquidity through sale

Stable investments

Can be offered as collateral

Support national development

Who Should Invest in Treasury Bills and Bonds?

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