Top 5 Money Markets Review: September 2021

Top Money Markets September

During the month of September, the following fund managers stood out posting the top 5 money market fund rates as of 30th September 2021.

  1. Cytonn Money Market Fund

Cytonn has consistently remained at the top of the money market funding offering an average daily return of 10.12% and an average annual effective rate of 10.65%, which is an improvement from the previous month.

  1. Nabo Africa

Nabo retained a rather consistent rate of return of a daily average return of 9.7% and an annual rate of 10.18%.

  1. Zimele Money Market Fund

Zimele came in third with a steady return of 9.56% average daily yield and 9.91% average effective annual yield.

  1. Sanlam Money Market Fund.

The Sanlam MMF has moved up one position compared to the previous month recording average daily return of 9.10% and 9.37% average effective annual yield. 

  1. Madison Money Market Fund

Madison MMF has dropped a position compared to last month. However they have moved up several positions compared to earlier on in the year and the trend appears to be consistent, recording an average daily rate of 8.81% and 9.1% average effective annual rate.

See the tabular representation for September 2021 average performance below:

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