What is Mansa-X?

Mansa-X, a product by the Standard Investment Bank (SIB), is a CMA-certified multi-asset strategy fund with a long/short trading model that invests in financial instruments, both local and global, with the primary objective of realizing capital growth for its investors.

Features of Mansa-X

  • Locally, they invest in fixed-income, cash & cash equivalents, NSE equities, NSE derivatives, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) while globally they invest in currencies, commodities, single stocks, stock indices, cash & fixed-income, derivatives, precious metals.
  • Utilizes complex portfolio allocation techniques while hedging capital exposure.
  • 0% Initial Fee.
  • 0% Redemption Fee.
  • Minimum Investment KES. 250,000 ($2,500).
  • Minimum Top-up KES. 100,000 ($1,000).
  • 5% Annual Management Fee – prorated daily over 365 days.
  • 10% Performance Fee – applied on the surplus when a return above the 25% hurdle rate is attained on KES Fund.
  • Initial 6 Month Lock-In-Period.

Benefits of Investing via Mansa-X


Investors’ funds are diversified across over 100 assets at any given moment. This considerably limits concentration risk by spreading investments across different asset classes, industries, sectors, geographic regions, and investment styles.

Long/Short Trading Model

This trading approach involves taking long positions in securities expected to appreciate and short positions in securities expected to decline, which can provide some inherent risk mitigation. With such a position, and at least in the short term, it is possible for the fund to remain profitable by shorting declining assets in the early stages of a recession.

 The fund has limits in each position they are holding. When profitable, the traders also watch for the downside should a position plateau or take a decline. When losing, traders have a loss limit of 1% of funds they are holding in any individual asset before they are automatically ejected from trade to ensure gains are consolidated.

Active Management

The fund positions are actively managed while taking into account real-time developments in the local and global markets, as well as actionable insights that then go into reviewing and adjusting our existing positions.

Who Should Invest in Mansa X?

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