Income Protection Strategies and Senior Medical Covers for Retirement Part 2

The other bit of protection we are concerned about is her medical cover. With age, their risk level goes up and they are more susceptible to ‘old age’ diseases, underlying conditions leading to critical illnesses. Given that her medical cover has expired with her retirement we felt we needed something that will alleviate her worry and ours because the hospital visits can be expensive once they start. 

Here are a few senior medical covers we are exploring in addition to making sure her NHIF is updated. A senior medical policy is an insurance cover that is packaged for people aged above 60 years.

What we are considering when choosing a policy: 

  • Offers the broadest coverage of illnesses, including critical diseases.
  • One that covers pre-existing conditions.
  • One that is affordable in terms of premiums and the inpatient and outpatient limits.
  • One that has accessible hospital networks that can be accessed with specialized care.
  • One that has short waiting period before you can start redeeming.
  • Additional benefits like the last expenses cover, dental and optical inclusivity.
  • The reputation of the company.
  • The co-pay policy.
Name of CoverEligibility  Features and Benefits
CIC Seniors MediplanMin 60yrs.
Max 80yrs.
No limit of age once joined.
Includes one spouse as a dependant.
▪️ In-Patient and Outpatient.
▪️ Dental and Optical.
▪️ Last expense.
▪️ Chronic cover.
▪️ Geriatric panel.
▪️ Annual health checks.
▪️ Organ transplant.
▪️ Covid-19.
Old Mutual Afyaimara SeniorsMin 65 yrs.
Max 80 yrs.
Includes one legal spouse only.
Once an individual joins the scheme, they are covered for life.
▪️ Inpatient limits from KES 500,000 to KES 10,000,000.
▪️ Optional outpatient cover from KES 50,000 to KES 200,000.
▪️ Routine outpatient services, consultations, diagnostics, drugs and dressings.
▪️ Medical check-ups within the outpatient cover.
▪️ Covers pre-existing, chronic conditions & HIV/AIDs.
▪️ Dental & Optical benefits are included as an optional stand-alone cover.
▪️ Hospitalization expenses including surgeon, physician, theatre, ICU & HDU fees.
▪️ Home Nursing is subject to pre-authorization up to 90 days from discharge based on the applicable benefit sub-limit.
▪️ Diagnostics and physiotherapists fees, prescribed drugs, dressings, surgical appliances.
▪️ Covid-19 inpatient coverage.
Jubilee Senior Health CoverMin 65 yrs▪️ Comprehensive coverage with optional plans for optical and dental.
▪️ Drug delivery for members with chronic ailments.
Cover newly diagnosed chronic conditions under inpatient and outpatient.
▪️ Extensive cover for pre-existing, chronic conditions, Psychiatric, congenital cancer treatment, and related conditions.
▪️ Covers hospice care, diagnostics and physiotherapists fees, prescribed drugs, dressings, surgical & external appliances, Hearing aids & Hearing tests, and pain management.
▪️ Cover for the terminally ill.
▪️ Overseas inpatient referrals covered on a credit basis under listed hospitals.
GA Insurance Hadhi Health PlanMin 65yrs ▪️ Inpatient & Outpatient.
▪️ Traumacare Plan as an add-on cover issued free to all Hadhi Health Plan Members.
▪️ All Evacuations due to health emergencies are covered under the free Traumacare Plan.
▪️ 1 air evacuation and 2 road evacuations within Kenya.
▪️ Direct connection with E-Plus (Red Cross) for all emergency evacuation needs.
▪️ Dignified Homecare by trained personnel.
▪️ Pain Management Coverage under pre-existing limit.
▪️ Enhanced benefits and favorable terms.
KCB Simba Health SeniorMin 60 yrs.
Max 85yrs.
▪️ Recommended overseas treatment in India & South Africa.
▪️ Annual health check-ups.
▪️ Home Nursing & post hospitalization benefit.
▪️ Emergency road and air evacuation.
▪️ Funeral expenses benefit.
▪️ Extensive provider network.
▪️ Treatment and management of chronic and pre-existing conditions including Cancer, HIV/AIDS including cost of ARVs.
▪️ Dental and Optical care.
▪️ Prescribed physiotherapy.
▪️ Diagnostic laboratory and radiology services.
▪️ Dental consultation and treatment.
▪️ Prescribed drugs and dressing.
▪️ Counselling.


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